Glasgow Nights

Hallo Everyone,
Matt & I are on our first ever trip in our Bongo Camper van.We’re on tour with our pals Mal & Rak. We met up with them in Guildford & we’ve driven up to Glasgow to meet up with pals, Caroline & Derek.We’ve realised that our Bongo has an uncanny resemblance to the A Team van- this has whiled away a good few hours as we’ve trundled up the M6. We love it when a plan comes together & we share some of the quirks & foibles of the on screen A team stars- Matt, with his matinee idol good looks is Face, I’m Howling Mad Murdoch yet I can sympathise with Mr T’s fear of flying-.Rak with her long flowing blonde locks is an old flame of Face-how we’ve chuckled. We’ve had some funny looks as we’ve all burst out of the Bongos sliding side door in the various motorway services we’ve stopped at.
We were very lucky to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Hampden Park on Thursday.We’re going to see the Editors & Razorlight tomorrow.Today we’re prepping for the Sub Crawl Pub Crawl so called cos it’s based around all the Subways in Glasgow-.gumpf!)which I’m slightly nervous about-..Our Glasgow pals swear solemnly that we’ll get out of this unscathed. If not , we could always call the A team!
Em xx