Award winning cakes

we’re back from our whistle stop Bongo tour of the UK & we’re so pleased with our little Bongo camper van- they really do seem to be a well kept secret.After spending 4 dance & music filled nights up in Glasgow we drove down to Lincs to visit my dad. He loved the Bongo so we popped over to Lincoln to see one we found advertised on the net. I really hope he and his lurcher, Banjo, might decide to go ahead and purchase one.What we especially like about it ,apart from its A Team feel, is that it drives just like a 4 x 4 & is really easy to handle, park up etc.You can pop friends safely in the back whilst driving. With quite a few campers, rear seat passengers can get a bit of a uncomfy deal.
Anyways, back to the world of Honeybuns & cakes.We’re delighted to have been awarded a Gold three *** Great Taste Award for our Amondi cookies.We also learnt yesterday that they’d been listed in the Sunday Times as amongst the top 8 foods in the UK from 4,500 entrants which is lovley to hear. We are, as ever, incredibly proud of our team who amaze us with their conscientious attention to detail.
The Honeybuns team had a particualrly hectic time whilst we were away on holiday this last fortnight.Orders are backing up a bit & we desperately need to expand- Matt & I are just not convinced that expanding on our current site at Naish Farm is the wiset thing to do.Ideally, we’d like to build/renovate another site to rehome Honeybuns production to & then use Naish as our home (yippeee) & still use the bakery mark 1 for new product development & team training.We’re on the look out now for new premises & just missed some lovely looking units with a meadow & stream quite close to where we are now- never mind we’ll keep looking. We’re off to a farm auction this weekend so you never know-
It poses the question too, whether we need to seek outside investment at this stage. Uptil now we’ve always resisted this idea- we like being masters of our own destiny, however I think we may be edging towards a genuine need for financial input- there are defo pros & cons to this.The great thing about the fortnight we’ve just had away from the business is that it gave us such valuable time to really think & talk about what we would like to do & where we’d like to be in 5-10 years time.We’re both refreshed & ready to direct our energies into the business for 2008-but my dream remains to find an old Dutch Barge to travel throughout Europe in- this is a little way off but dreams are so motivating aren’t they?
We’re busy recruiting for staff this week- we need a cleaner, baker & maintenence person so time is precious at the moment- we’ve all got that inevitable small buisness sensation of there simply being too much to do in the working day!!
Speak soon, wishing everyone a super week,
Em xx