Good Luck to Trish & Rosie

Trish & Rosie from our little office team are winging their way to Dublin right now to do a couple of days of H’buns promo. I’m sorry Trish that I didn’t get to chat to you before you left. I missed the train this afternoon (long story) & I’m sorry because I had a G&T in a tin for you to knock your pre flight jitters on da head.If you can read this- best of luck to you both & I suspect you’ll be having a lovely time-if you can’t be good , just be careful the pair of yous!(PS Trish-‘concentrate my lovely’!!!)
London meeting with Philippe was delightful & very productive, we spoke a lot about our new product plans for Jan 2008. The meet up was with one of our larger customers who we’ve been supplying for-gumpf-8 years now! I also met up with a consultant acquaintance on the way out on the train which was pre planned. Rachael was going in to London to see a large potential client on our behalf. Fingers crossed it’ll develop into a full on contract for next Feb. but we’re not counting our chickens. By pure random luck I then met another work related & very wonderful marketing lady, Nicola on the way back home -just by chance. It was great to see her & the journey back whizzed- well it did for me. I hope I wasn’t ranting too much Nicola? It kind of worked out well that I did miss my train. I’d gone to Whole Foods in Kensington to do a bit of research & got a bit carried away with all the excellent examples of allergy foods & packaging they had on display- fortunately the train-guard- dude was very forgiving & let me off a penalty charge.
Head is spinning a bit tonight- just lots & lots to sort out for tomorrow & another v. early start,musn’t grumble, it’s all just hectic shcmektik this week (& next) but things should calm down a bit soon. Matt & I are looking forward to a plain & simple chilling weekend, starting as soon as we dare on Friday.I’m neglecting friends,nieces, the animals (not full on neglect- just a bit rushed with them & not enough cuddle time) & I’ve fallen way behind on Great Sth Run training- need to get my bottom back into gear.
I’ll not be blogging til next week so wishing everyone a splendid weekend, PS- got my clogs but ran out of time on the woolly socks- but I’ve discovered for lush dush woollen chunky socks- in case you need some!
Em x