Kiddies Range

Hello everyone,
Matt & I got our chilled out weekend as we desired. Lots of pottering about the place, mainly looking after the equines- making up their extra deep beds & cleaning up horse pooh- doesn’t sound very nice but it mega relaxes me & I love it. It’s escpecially lovely round the back in the big old barn- you are cut off from everything- especially the dreaded phone & I was joined by loads of birds- pied wagtails, tits, robins & of course our resident, beautiful white doves. It made my mucking out duty a real delight. The birds like to pinch any spilt horse feed & they’re on a pre wintering fattening up mission.
We’re going to pop more feeding platforms in the barn this week to encourage them to feel safe- kind of like an avian fattening up spa.
On sunday Matt & I painted like creatures possessed. We’ve got some friends coming to stay in a couple of weeks’ time & we need to finally get our end bedroom finished- we’ve painted the floorboards, finished limewashing the humpety bumpety walls & painted all the skirting boards. I just need to whack a second coat on the floor & we’re done. Although pricey- Farrow & Balls floor paint is so good- if anyone needs to a spot of floor tarting up I’d highly recommend it!
Rather than buy a huge rug to cover up all this posh paint- we’ve decided to order a reindeer skin (sustainable, naturally) they’re the best value we could find- if you need one!
This week is again quite full on. Matt & I are just leaving to go visit a wholesaler in Cirencester today. Trish & I then go to London Wednesday- Thursday for a brand building seminar & then some DIY foodie research/packaging look around- ie going to Carluccios & gossiping over a latte – then drooling over the beautifully presented treats in Selfridges food hall.
Friday will hopefully be an opportuinty to catch up on writing up everything we’ve done this week & drawing breath in readiness for the inevitable pre Christmas build up which we’re attempting to be ready for this year.Our newly recruited bakers are settling in extremely well, so fingers crossed we’ll be able to keep up with orders.
I think that’s about it for now- will hope to blog again on Wednesday.
Wishing everyone a luscious week ahead,
Em xx