Cornish Clotted Cream

Hallo everyone,
Matt & I went for our muchios anticipated weekend away with Trish & Dave. Trish also is front of house at Honeybuns & if you call up on a Tuesday, Thurs, Fri it’s very often Trish who will sunnily answer the phone, with ‘Hello, Honeybuns, How can I help you?’
We had a very lovely ‘slobbey outey’ kind of a break. We pottered down by the beach at Trebarwith Strand & watched with awe all of the surfers.They looked like little black seals & really quite vulnerable amongst some enormous waves. The best surfers seemed to come on last & on Saturday a lot of them were dressed up in fancy dress- we think just for the hell of it. There was something quite surreal about watching ‘Scoobey Doo’ riding the crest of a particularly gigantic wave. We had a very nice pint in the pub on top of the cliffs & I loved eavesdropping on a very vocal London group on the next table- they were very loudly declaring how much a 3 course dinner in the Ivy would cost etc-it leant a bit of added colour.
All thanks to Viv & Bruce for letting us stay in possibly the prettiest (& oldest) cottage in North Cornwall- there were even crash helmets in the utility room in case we bumped our heads on the huge, low slung beams!
We ate well- fresh home grown raspberries with Roddas clotted cream. Home made ‘Trish Lasagne’ with roasted veg grown by Dave- yummyliciously good. We then opted for the indigenous pasties (From Pengenna bakery in nearby Tintagel) & a selection of fine local ales- well, when in Rome-
It’s now back to reality & we’re very keen to locate some more wholesalers for our wares. This is what I’ll be focusing on this week plus a visit to meet a customer in Uxbridge on Thursday & a meeting with a wholesaler tomorrow morning.
Somethings got to give at the moment. Our sales have slowed right down for this time of year & we need to quickly figure out what we can do about it. Going away this weekend might have seemed crazy- but we’ve had lots of ideas & now, fired up with all that fabulous food, sea air & inspiring views, we;re ready to get going & hunt out some new customers-I’m just reading a market report on food & drink & it does seem that growth is slowing right down across the board. We’ve got some highly innovative ideas up our sleeves but it’s a question of whether we feel brave enough to speculate on them right now..
any way, hoping everyone has a superb week,
Em xx