What was for tea?

I’m enjoying this mini routine of cooking something freerange sans recipe & then blogging it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy & or laugh at my amateur cheffy attempts in the kitchen-
Last night I cooked brocoli- first blanching it & then mixing with Cream (Ooooh lala), lots of garlic, cheddar & some wholegrain mustard- it then just pops into the Aga & tea’s done once it’s all golden & bubbly.Lovely served with veggie Cauldron sausages- our current fave.
Workwise- we’ve been busy arranging meetings with lots of new & promising customers & one or 2 wholesalers.This week, as well as our open evening on Thursday, we’ve got 2 lots of visitors to the bakery- this always keeps us on our toes in terms of being up & together & organised. We usually have visits every week so we avoid that horrible mad scramble to get everything ship shape.
Matt & I are off to London in a minute to go to a seminar & talk by the founder of uber successful Gu Puds- we’re really looking forward to it.We’ve finally bought a laptop so I’ll be able to pretend to be an executive as I tip tap tap away on the train. It’s going to be very handy as I’ve got a presentation to write for tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I can operate the machine!!
Wishing everyone a superlicious week,
Em xxx