Amy Winehouse

I hope everyone is having a crackingly happy & healthy week. I’m feeling so well & I’m daring to hope that the glandular fever is on its way out of my battered system. My throat doesn’t hurt any more & I’ve got tonnes more energy. I musn’t get cocky though- Matt & I have got a supper date with our pals the Gibbseys on Friday & they are lively, muchios fun & the best cooks!!! I’m hoping it might just b Dave Gibb’s speciality of Dover Sole with light gratin topping plus tonnes of home grown veggies.I do not want to have to miss out- (thinking of my stomach- yet again).
Waitrose was really good yesterday. I met with our buyer, Jo, and as always she was really encouraging. She kindly mentioned the great synergy betwixt Waitrose & our little teensers H’bns brand- there appears to be a lot of shared values which H’buns & Waitrose customers hve been commenting on.
To even be considered a ‘brand’ surprises me. We’re sooo tiny in the world of food production & ‘marketing brand thingey companies’
It’s really encouraging just to be recognised on the foodie radar & hopefully being recognised as trying to just crack on & make nice things in a socially & environmentally caring way.
This week we’ve had a lovely reporter Peter Booton from the uber glossy magazine- Dorset Magazine round to see if our cottage might be up to scratch for a feature- and they said yes!! I’m well chuffed. Our abode is more Hobbit Den than Toad Hall-but Peter seemed to like it’s very quirky charm.
The bank still own most of the house in the light of how massive our mortgage is but still, with a fair wind, Honeybuns might just continue to gently grow & flourish (v. mchley fingers crossed).Anyway it’s fun to see it featured & shown to its hobbit like best.
Lots of other stuff going on this week encompassing- new customers,eating lots of ubberly lush vegetables to ward off bugs & looking after our veteran animals.
This weekend I’m off with our Rosie to do a tasting in Camden. We’re keeping our fingers crossed we’ll bump into Amy Winehouse in da Hawley Arms!
Em xx