Lunchtime recipe

Sorry to bore you with yet nother blog, it’s just that now the nights have drawn in, I seem to have gotten into a nice snuggly routine. In the morning the animals all get brekkie & a check over plus cuddles & then I’m in the office. It’s then a bit of a race against time to get all Honeybuns tasks done before it gets too dark. Matt & I do make time for a spot of lunch. Today I came up with a nifty little short-on -time-plan:
Chop whatever you have in the fridge- we used mushrooms, shed loads of garlic & a fresh chilli. Chop it all up & liberally slug olive oil over the lot. We’re jammy with having the aga which is always hot to roast these scrag ends in. If not, you can stir fry on the hob in a wok or saucepan.When veggies are done (after adding tabsco & soy sce):
Take a pack of insant noodle- we’re greedy so we use 3 pkts bewtween us- & dicard the sachet of nasty chemially powder.
Pop a bit of water in a lidded pan with the noodles.I boil just for a couple of mins & drain.
Pop veggies & noodles together & pop back on the hob for a shake around- I now add fresh spinach which just melts into the whole noodle doodle mix- all fabulous nutrients & the whole ot can be done in 10 mins.I then add a bit of extra tabasco & serve in warmed bowls.
This afternoon was really positive- managed to catch up with lots of long standing sales leads. Often it will take over a year before an initial query turns into a firm order.
Then as soon as darkness falls it’s back out to settle the equines & then home for tea (yep- now it’s got colder I’m transfixed with the prospect of our next available hot meal-.)
Magically, I can now potter about on the sill novel laptop & catch up with odds & ends all snuggled on the sofa. It’s lush coming in after doing all the mucking out & stuff-you get really cold cheeks & as soon as you come inside it’s like being wrapped in a toasty blanket.
Tommorrow is full on office work again & the weekend is ourtrip to do a tasting in Camden plus a session on Saturday filling a skip with rubbish- we’re busy shed clearing.Anything recylable will be salvaged. It’s quite cathartic & the whole farm is being to look really up & togethr- albeit in a rustic kind of a way.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend,
Em x