Camden Town

I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Rosie & I went to do a cake sampling in Fresh & Wild in Camden Town yesterday.We forgot where we parked the truck so we got a bit lost in the bit between unloading the truck (we parked in Kentish Town) & actually finding the store again- but we got there-eventually! We met some lovely people & Leonie, the Fresh & Wild store mngr made us feel really welcome.
We were v. pleased with the reception we received & the customers were just delightful. Met one guy who was studying at LSE & he had dreams of starting a small organic microbrewery aimed at the ladeeeez-.we thought that sounded a great idea. I mean- we’re ladeeeez & we drink shed loads of beer-
At Camden we mooched around the market (Rosie I still owe you that fiver for veg curry lunch ). It was quite a shock for me. Camden Town was my old stamping grd in my long distant yoof. The old stables area (used to be full of genuine tat-funiture, bric a brac & stuff has now been demolished.It looks like they’re building some kind of mall- it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. I could not see much of the old stables left though-
We also spotted some really funksome looking woollen dresses in 70s stylie. They were just £25. The ladeee on the stall said ‘Yep , I designed them & they’re all one offs’. I couldn’t believe our luck. Sadly she didn’t take credit cards so went to find a cash machine & then stumbled,accidently across, some spookily similar woollen ‘one off designs’ round the corner-Cheeky Minx!!!
Back to work- we had a food safety audit today which I’m glad we got out of the way. Considering we were being asked to foot the *£65o* Bill plus travelling expenses etc for this delight..I’m soooo glad we stood firm & did not pay. I’ll pop a piece on the Honeybuns website for anyone interested in seeing what we think of the whole audit money printing shebang.SALSA is a great way forwards for any smaller UK based food producers .Audit companies are getting quite twitchy about this much needed , sennsibly priced (£450) option-..
Tea toight was roasted salmon with cracked blk pepper, mayo, soya beans, spinach, peas & our beloved tabasco. Too knackered to do anything fancy.
Really happy that I’ll be seeing little bruv Ted in Lambourne in a couple of weekend’s time- just confirmed the date with Aud, my neighbour who is best pals with da Tedster-should be a lot of fun.
Better be off. Quite a lot to get done tomorrow & I’m feeling sleepy.
Em xx PS Moira- hope your wrist mends soon!!!!