Food Safety Audit

I’m so happy that today is now finished & I’m really delighted that we as Team Honeybuns have passed our SALSA food safety audit.
I’m over the moon & very, very grateful to our team for all their help & support in getting us there.
This now means in that we’ll be onwards & upwards with a programe of ongoing SALSA endored improvements to the food safety standards of our business.
It was definitely worth all the hard work and nail biting.
I’m having a bit of a night off from work tonight as a reward- just googling & snuggling up on the sofa with all 3 dogs- Honey is strectched out full length next to me, more like a cat than a ‘guard’ dog-
We’ve now got not too busy a week in front of us-giving me time to catch up on all the other jobs like packaging tweaks,marketing, more sales & so on.
Matt & I are well excited to have been invited to a party at Bankside , London next week. It’s the opening party for one of our customers & as it’s not often that e get to escape Naish Farm we’re looking forward to dressing up & maybe having a bit of a dance-
I’ve been really enjoying having some weekends at home recently & that has meant being able to make more of a fuss over the animals. I’ve spent a lot more time just gazing at the equines & feeling really happy at how wel they all get on together.
This week we’re at ome too & i can chill out a bit more now that the presure of SALSA is off.
Matt, me & our neighbour Aud are all of to visit Ted, lil Bruv in Lambourne this weekend- really looking forward to it. I’m hoping to then be able to meet up wiv big bruv, Rob & family next week.Yep, I’m really happy that work can ease off a bit now for a week or so.
Speak soon,
Em xx