Lambourn Nights

Matt, Audrey & I had a magic Saturday & Sat overnight stay with lil bruv, Tedster.
I had not been to Lambourn before & being mad on horses, especially thoroughbreds, I felt right at home. EVERYTHING is equine orientated. There was even a street sign for an equine hospital.When we inevitably arrived in the pub the TV was switched onto Channel4 racing & all eyes were glued to it.Even the local convenience store hours are geared around the first early morning strings of horses going out upto the gallops- they open really early so the stable lads & lasses can grab some breakfast in a hurry.
We did notice an alarming number of people limping or nursing other physical injuries which we feared had been the results of nasty falls-
Back to Ted’s flat we started Christmas early with crackers, TV slobbing & the obligatory Baileys.
Thanks Ted- it was ace & sooo very chilled out.There’s never any pressure o do anything constructive & Ted is the absolute opposite of bossy.
Thank you to Sarah too for making us the trifle.
We got back in time for Matt to get to his band practice. I cooked up a fish pie for supps- I’ll try to remember what I did- it’s my own DIY concotion:
Pop fish in the oven , liberally sprinkled with cracked black pepper & a bit of olive oil:
I used coley, salmon, king prawns because I had them in the freezer.
I slow roasted mushrooms, cherry toms & red peppers in olive oil & then added some capers & soy sauce to the veggies.
I then sweated loads of spinach in a bit of butter – add all this to the precooked fishfish & spread out into a deepish roasting tin/ ovenproof dish.
I then added 4 sliced soft boiled eggs.After boiling potatos to mash with a little bit of cream I realised I didn’t have quite enough- so I mashed up some boiled leeks in to the potato to eke it out a bit with some blue cheese- spread it over the fishy mix & popped it back in the oven til piping hot.It was lush dush-.real proper snuggling up in front of the fire food.
Tonight I’ve been to Waitrose in Gillingham to do an instore cake tasting-it was really good fun- had some very interesting chats with people & had a good laugh with some of the cheekier customers-
Tomorrow should be a good mixture of work -sales leads/ marketing plus a little bit of pampering- I’m going to escape to have my hair cut- I’ve gone a bit feral & need to try & smarten up just a bit in radiness for some metings before Christmas with executive types- I can only stretch the rustic look so far.
The animals are all tucked up tonight- theweather ws uterly foul last night- the hail & rain was vicious- we ae very, very lucky to have the big barn round the back- normally the 2 ponies will want to be out in all weathers but even they elected to seek shelter yesterday-
I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to do a big muck out & pop a thick bed down for them.
Hoping everyone is snug, cosy & happy,
Speak soon,
Em x