Roast Dinner

Hi everyone,
Had a lovlerley ubberley weekend-filled with much loonsome dancing and merriment.
We had our team get together on Saturday night- which was a lot of fun. My brother Ted joined us as honorary Honeybunner & there were 18 of us in all for the meal.
Quite a good turn out & I think we made the restaurant waiting staff a bit nervous. We weren’t exactly on the ball as to what we’d all ordered & it was a bit like a prolonged, drunken version of the memory game.
We then went bowling & a few of us had a bit of a boogy- thinking, naturally, that we were doing the most accepatable thing in the world. Apparently, it’s a bit- ‘Aged Aunty dancing at a wedding’ embarrassing when people of mine & Matt’sage start jigging up & down in time to ‘disco beats’- particularly in the bowling alley in Yeovil, Somerset, UK.
Oh well- we loved every minute of it & the whole team Honeybuns did us proud- Graham was a bit of a revelation with the bowling & Barry was crowned Disco King for the night.
Sunday was another pratice run for Christmas dinner ie a great excuse to gather beloved friends for a glorified roast dinner. I’m hitting my stride with roasts now- I include a few little tweaks on the old classics- leek, cheddar & brocoli gratin, a spinach & mushroom tian instead of stuffing & 2 chickens stuffed to bursting with juicy garlic cloves & lemons.Much juicier than the old turkey.
The best bit was piffling & messing about round our massive fireplace with full tummys with pals you absolutely adore- sounds cheesy but tis true!!
This week- we’re busy with lots of varied end of year tasks like finalising packaging ready for new orders kicking off in the New Year, plus letting journalists know about our pending launch of our brand spanking new Honeybuns MINIs. All these busy Bee plans wil be popped sweetly to rest as soon as officeangel Trish comes in tomorrow wielding her Christmas bottle of Baileys- I think this week might get a bit messy- in a good way.We then have to very sadly wave farewell to our Rosie who is leaving this Friday. Rosie has worked with us in the office for 6 monhs & it has been a pleasure to have her on the team-good luck Rosie with a very promising artistic career dudetta!
i’d better go, I’ll try & blog later in the week,
Love Emxxx