Festive Cheer

Today was a good one, absolutely stunning blue skies & a veritable feedy-frenzie around all our bird feeders. They’re positioned all around our little office & Bee Shack cafe- we’ve had tits, pied wagtails, starlings, field fares, wrens & so it goes on. Sounds silly but this avian- luxe- mix makes my heart sing of a bleak mid winter morning-
I popped another two fat ball feeders up this morning & blimey it was like the lush hinterland of Tasmania in terms of avian activity-.all clustered around our humble cereal offrings.
Eventually; popping the birdspotting book aside, the work was good too today.We’re working hard on getting our brand new MINIs launched securely for the New Year. We’re also going to start working on our new online ordering service. Very exciting-.Peeps can actually, like order stuff directly from us- radical!!!
I fear the rest of the week is going to be a bit of a whirligig of more & more last minute pre Chritmas orders.It’s all good fun really but does mean that we’re possibly going to run out of time on getting ‘proppa’ strategic stuff done.
Good news for le weekend- our pals Mal, Rak, Andrew P & Jo are going to come in da Bongo (camper van) & chase da Pudding-AKA a nice little cross country race near Southampton.
I’m clear of the old glandular fever/virus- but I’m not oven ready/race ready so I’ll be making teas for everyone unning. Sooooo looking forwards to it,
See you soon, Mal, Rachett, Pannyfants.
Em xx