Christmas Countdown

Today onwards is when business productivity – (read office productivity)alledgely falls off as everyone gets swept away with the tidal wave that is the Christmas build up.(According to FSB stats.)
I do not think that there is any prospect of any of us at Honeybuns being able to ‘coast it’ but we are definitely getting a little bit more collectively excitable & Christmassey.
I’d wager it’s the heady combination of being extraordinarily busy orders-wise; combined with getting more & more excited at the prospect of a glorious festive break. This break will be languidly spent doing nothing much very at all- just chilling out in front of the Naish Farm inglenook fireplace & watching endless over sentimental & unchallenging DVDs- Black Beauty being first on my list-.then maybe some vintage ’80?s A team-.Blissimo!!!
We’re saying a very sad goodbye this evening to uber talented Rosie- a very gifted artist (Think Banksy but like very feminine & tres fashion forward) We’re off down to the pub for Goodbyes. BUT Rosie is going to be our first ‘remote office worker’. We’re setting her up with a Honeybuns laptop et voila- we have an office in London! We’re delighted because Rosie is just a delight to work with & our customers adore her.Please do keep an eye on her – her art work is exquisite.
Other news- I’ve been naively popping gurt dishes of the choicest Nth American pecan nuts out for the bloody badgers.We’ve got a defo. badger run according to the Dorset Wildlife Trust. So we get well excited, leave the food out, the food gets eaten & we’re over the blinking moon -.simple pleasures-And then Charlotte points out through the office window this afternoon ‘quick Em a badger!’. I then discover Charlotte in fits of giggles & a very guilty Peggy eating the freakin pecan nuts-..naughty dog but very,very funny.Anyway that’s it. I’m off to feed the animals.