Keith Floyd & Honeybuns


I made a mistake, we’re seeing Keith Floyd tonight – not last night. Last night was great fun though. Went to my friend Jo’s house for tea & met 2 more of her friends. I was louder than I would have liked to be, no surprises there, and bored the pants off everyone by saying how much I loved Max Clifford’s autobiography. I know I should be keeping that a well hidden secret but I found it really interesting..I then went onto say how much fun Piers Morgan’s autobiog was-that revelation really did seem to pop the UnPC cat amongst the pigeons-
I have learnt from both these books, that I need to buck up my ideas in terms of garnering publicity for the bakery.I tend to be quite lacksadaisical & could take a leaf or a thousand out of Morgan & Cliffords collective industry insights.I’ll endeavour to be more thrusting & go getting in 2007. Actually, a prominent local business man springs to mind-he lectured Matt & I on the merits of his Fabbbulous business when we first arrived in Dorset. Hmmmmm, maybe I might spill some juicy bits of goosip on him in 2007?
We (Char, Matt & I) are bursting with pride about how brilliant our Honeybuns team is. All sections: bakery, packing & office are really on top of their game at the moment & I’m looking forward to this afternoon when we’ll share feedback ref. what the auditor said about their work (all superb). Luckily for the team, I’ve run out of time to hand make mince pies so it’ll be shop bought ones-..with my lack of finesse this will be a sizeable relief to them.
So, Weymouth had better watch out, it’s our team party/outing/white knuckle ride tomorrow.It is defo going to have to be a no hoodie event. I can just see our little team hooded wandering innocently into the path of hardened Weymouth townies.Mind you, if do all dress smartly it might be even worse..we’ll have to go out closer to the Shire next Christmas. Next Friday we do all the pressies & awards for: Best team member under pressure, best team member on hygiene knowledge & the kindest team member.
The latter category is the top one & it is the quality Honeybuns’ prizes above & beyond technical ability.
That’s why we’re really so proud of everyone- they’re so lovely to work with- it truly is all about the team! I guess things can get quite pressured but things are very rarely ever stressy.Having Matt-human valium -Goss-Custard in the office steering a calm & steady course certainly helps keep things on a level.
See you soon,
Have a fabulous weekend,

Em x