Animal SOS

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Ours was a bit bitersweet really.I’d been away most of last week visiting Sainsburys stores to do tastings & trying to drum up more awareness of our teensy brand.It proved to be a lot of driving around the country but huge fun too. It was great to also meet people who knew of us -and who love our cakes. I got into some fascinting converstaions with people & usually about anthing but the cakes-topics ranged from old age to one lady’s concerns ref her son’s nudist beach habits- enlightening!
On returning home from Warwickshire on Friday night, something was immediately wrong. Our beloved, now elderly Alsatian, Diesy, did not come to noisily greet me at the door.He is always ready to welcome me home. This time he just lay on the kitchen floor with his back legs splayed out to one side. Being very old for an Ally, we know that hip trouble was largely inevitable, but to date he has only had spasmodic locking of the hips. This was another level- complete immoblity.
We are very, very fortunate to have a most brilliant & empathetic vet, Roland who understands the hip- design flaw of this fantstic breed. He administered some hefty painkillers & gave us tablets for the week.
I was over the moon when Diesy then got up on his sofa in the ‘sunggle down room'(living room)later on that evening.
I then went to Brighton on the Saturday leaving Matt to look after him & expecting another vet visit. Diesy could not get up that day. Sunday was similarly depressing & he looks utterly bewildered. We cannot be cruel & eeeek things out but the thought of putting him to sleep is utterly heart rending.
Roland is coming again this afternoon & I cannot stop crying.
Joaney our beautiful- and again very ancient donkey is also not on top form- she is lame & we suspect an attack of laminitis. She is still eating- thank Goodness but again we’re waiting to see if she can be made more comfortable when Roland gets here.
Animals ehhhh? They are utter heart breakers. It’s so sad not to be able to explain things to them- they just look very confused.Not having Diesy by my side – he follows me everywhere- just makes me cry all over again.
Work is taking a bit of an inevitable second seat today- got some stuff done & I’m working in the house so I can listen out for the old boy if he needs the loo/ etc.I’ll keep you posted.Hopefully at least Joaney should be able to be fixed- I’m keeping fingers crossed. I kind of assume they’ll all go on for ever with their funny litle ways & contented routines.
Speak soon,