January Blues

Well, I hope at least some bloggers have had some sunshine- here in Dorset, UK, it has been relentlessly wet , grey & miserable.It’s definitely a dog’s life here at Naish Farm. We’re working hard & dashing over to the bakery from the office- attempting to dodge the big fat rain drops whilst the dogs are all cuddled up on their sofa in the kitchen- they are so snuggly when the weather is foul- it’s all deliberate. They look uber cute so that you’ll relent & not make them go outside- dog their most strategic!
Today i’ve been calling aound various Sainsburys stores to see if we can hold instore tastings- very often you’d think we were dealing in plutonium- rather than us trying to be proactive & getting sales moving-I’ve got a few tastings lined up but we need to keep asking them- all quite time consuming-.and utterly repetetive. Should not grumble- there’s usually lots of variety in what we do Chez Honeybuns.
Our camera for the animals arrived today. Matt is going to install it in the big barn round the back. By going onto our Bee Green page on the website, you’ll shortly be able to see the horse, ponies & donkey eating their hay & snuggling down in their wood chipping bed- really looking forward to getting the first pics on line.
We’re off out to supper tonight with Trish- from the office & hubby Dave. It’s a supper in return for IT support that Matt is providing. I love the countryside bartering system we have in place! IT for aoast dinner- what’s not to love?
Lots of fun things planned with friends & my family over the next weeks & months- this should help banish the January blues- that & a nice fat G&T!
Wishing everyone a lovely, fun filled weekend,
Em xxxxx