Darling Diesy

Very sadly, Diesy was put to sleep yesterday.We had him buried in the garden in his favourite furry blanket. The house feels so quiet without him.
Honey & Peg look very confused & it’s awful not being able to explain things to them.

I need to go & tend our elderly collection of ponies & donkey this morning- something I’d have Diesy right by my side for-Oh well, best get on with it.

I’m sooo grateful for having Honey & Peg in such good health- there’s alot to be said for having dogs of various ages.

We have friends coming round for supper tonight- can’t quite focus on what to do for that yet. I’m sure something will pop into my pea brain a bit later on.

The plan is to find nice tree to plant for Diesy too- probably a nice oak.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend,

Em x