Busy Bees

Well its been a bit of a whirligig socially, domestically & workwise. No different for us than anyone else, I’m sure. The time just literally seems to zoom by.I look back on this young year of 2008 and already wonder at how much stuff has happened-
After Diesy’s sad demise we’ve acquired a beautiful, if VERY wilful German Shepherd pup who we’ve named Ollie. He was a rescue- unwanted at just 12 weeks old.When Matt came back from puppy class with him this Wednesday we began to figure why he was booted out of his previous home (only half joking Ollie- poppett)!

He is utterly lovley & is going to grow up to be beautiful, loyal & brave boy, just like our lovely Diesy.Understandably he’s a little insecure, hence he thought it acceptable to terrorise rather than socialise with the other pups in his class.He’ll settle down soon enough. We’re going to meet lots of friend’s dogs over this weekend & just act like his ‘terminator’ incident at puppy class never happened-
I’ll update with how he gets on.
Honey & Peg have been a little bit Uppity about the new imposter but they’ve also been remarkably gentle & tolerant too- they’re such lovely animals.
Aside form pets we’ve een busy with work stuff- helping to get Sainsburys launch going & cracking on wit sending lots of our MINIs samples out to posh restaurants/Spas/ conference centres-.we’ll see what happens.
It’s a weird time of year business wise. It’s prior to everything lifting off for Easter & sales have been up & down. A bit nerve wracking but it’s all the fun of the fair.
I’ve got a few interesting meetings lined up for next week with new prospective customers & I’ll also be catching up with office bound phone calls etc -and playing with puppy but that’s strictly off the record!
We were due to be in the Lakes with pals this weekend but in the light of the puppy arrival we could not leave or take him.
This weekend will now be another golden DIY opportunity which we’ll start & the get distracted by that lethal combination of:
friends, running, post running beers & The Mighty BOOSH on DVD.
Some wall paper tripping & painting will get done & then we’ll be easily led off he straight & narrow!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,
Em xx