Win in the Willows

Hi there,
I hope everyone has had a great week & weekend. The past week at Honeybuns has been full of excitment.Charlotte, our bakery manager & wildlife guru, has been busy planting out lots of willow cuttings which are already starting to bud-this screening will provide protection for all the various birds we’re attracting to the site.We have a lot of willow growing at Naish Farm.We’re now planning to build a wildlife hide from which Bee Shack visitors can observe the tons of birds we now have up here.
Any damaged nuts- almonds & pecans which are not grade A1 for the bakery are popped into the numerous bid feeders we have dotted around the place.
Our brand new nest box camera is now live on the website-it updates every 15 seconds & we’ve had a male sparrow showing a lot of interest in it so far & he’s brought various scraps of straw in there. We’re all gathered around the computer screen in the office engrossed in ‘Sparrowgate’- it’s quite surreal when you deconstruct it-lots of grown adults supposedly working but coooing over tiny little garden birds.
I’m planning to get stuck into some gardening over the coming weeks- specifically planting of yet more willow around the borders of the garden to encourage more wildlife & also to provide a screen.It’s lovley to live on site but it’s also essential or our sanity to have a degree of privacy too.Willow is reat for this as it’s so fast to grow.
I’m going to also pop more wild life seeds into our yard tubs- to encourage butterflies & other insects.
Workwise- I’m only out of the office a couple of days next week so I should get time to catch up on outstanding office jobs. We have quite a lot of hot sales leads to follow up & attempt to nail down-sales are still quite slow but we’ve gotten use to the cyclical nature of our business a bit more- it’s still quie stressful though.
It’s very fortunate that we have a big trade show- a 4 day one in Birmingham ,coming up in April. Trish & I are going to be doing it & we’re hopeful this will bring in more new business. We’re promoting our brand new MINIs there & we’re looking forward to it.We’re going with a suitably rustic theme to the stand as belies ou deep love of all things furry, feathery & natural.
Matt & I have been splicing our training for the Bath Half Marathon into our working wek. This can be quite challenging-especialy in the dark months.We were doing really well – the race is in 3 weeks when I get injured AGAIN!! I’ve pulled my left calf muscle- it’s an old injury & I’m gutted.
I’m going to see the physio this Thursday & see if it can be salvaged-It’s so disappointing especially after feeling so low whilt running the Gt Sth Run lat October- never mind, things could be a lot worse.
To maintain my fitness which I’vereally had to sweat for, I’m goin to go out cycling & use the gym/swimming pool. With a fair wind I might just be OK.
That’s it for now, see you soon, By the way THE BEE SHACK is OPEN for the FIRST time this year this oming Sat. We’re giving away goody bags first come first served & I’m on duty, so please do drop by & stay for te/cakes!
Em xxx