NEC Expo

Sorry for being a bit slack on blogs during March. Things seem to have run away with us a bit.To be frank, we’ve had a couple of VERY nail biting months. As in the news, costs are shooting up for us in all departments: ingredients, diesel, packaging- pretty much everything.We are often our own worst enemies as we are loathe to upset our customers by increasing prices.It all gets a bit fraught. Added to this heady mix is the impact of lots more bakeries now springing up & nibbling away ( pardon the pun) at our markets.
Afterall we musn’t grumble- it’s simply survival of the fittest & nothing personal. Hence we’re really looking forward to exhibiting at the NEC despite the shocker of how much this actually costs- we’ve worked it out this year @ £110 per hour to be there & we need to secure £70,000 worth of new business to recoup outlay.Sooooo the pressure is on- just a little bit.Trish & I are in training- shadow boxing around the office in front of pretend supermarket buyers!!
In a funny way it’s good to have a kick up the proverbial, I find it focuses the mind somewhat.We’re also very much pulling at the bit ref our mail order project- unveiled this September. Our Kiddie range is also on schedule for Jan 09. Onwards & upwards-despite it being very nerve wracking at times we simply love what we do & we’re flipping lucky to be in our 10th year of making gorgeous cakes.
See you at the NEC Expo if you’re going. Trish & I will be there- we’ve lucked out & secured free gym passes for 5 days at LA fitness- so we’ll be able to have a little work out each day after the show & then head for the pub for a crafty pint or 2!
Em xx