Adventures in Oz

It’s great to be back a blogging again. Matt & I were lucky enough to visit Australia for a few weeks- hence no blog- a- doodle- doos for a litle while.It’s been quite a time since we’ve been on a proper trip away from Honeybuns & Naish Farm.It felt strange not to be in immersed in cake talk!
I’m ashamed to say that I was uber ignorant of all things antiopodean before making the trip.My gosh- what a beautiful continent, we fell in love with everything.We especially loved the kangaroos, koalas, cockatoos & the sunshine!
Foodie wise, the lush yoghurts served in little breakfast pots, swirled with fresh fruit coulis were outstanding.Coffee – my beloved breakfast lattes- were the best I’ve had (well, certainly on a par with the Excelsior- Cowley Rd Oxford!) The macadamia nuts straight from cousin John’s tree were also sensational-.perfecto with ice cold chardonnay-
Sydney was great -we met some lovely people, saw great theatre & ate our own body weight in Thai food.If you’re planning a trip down under for the first time- we’d humbly like to recommend Cairns up in North Queensland.The Great Barrier Reef just took our breath away-especially when we bumped into a real life sea turtle beneath the waves-The official tourist centre in Cairns was ace & staffed all by volunteers who could not have been more helpful.
Back to work today has been a little bit of a struggle- I got quite emotional yesterday returning home & being reunited with Team Honeybuns & our gorgeous animals. Anna who house sat is now adored totally by our menagerie.We snuggled on the sofa with Ollie, Honey & Peggles all aftenoon & fought the jet lag off for as long as possible. I think it’s catching up a bit today though.Matt & I are both falling asleep in front of our respective computers.
It’ll be lush to catch up with all our pals in the village this weekend,we’re looking forward to the excellent Holwell Fish & chip quiz night tomorrow- my general knowledge is shocking- but I reckon a certain Audrey Farmer is our team’s secret weapon. No presure Aud!
Oz was great- but coming home – we both agreed there’s no place we’d rather be.Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend.Lots of love & thanks to everyone at Honeybuns for running things so beautifully- it’s a priviledge to work with you all.
Em xxxx