Lazy Bones

Trish & I loved our trip up to Birmingham for the recent NEC Expo. ~It was a tad irritating to hve had our truck broken into- was my fault as I’d ‘cunningly hid’ the sat nav & radio in -.the glove box..DOH!
I’m chuffed to bits that we navigated our way through the mean streets of central Birmingham without the aid of TOM TOM. Then again, I did have the awesome wing man, Trih Gibbs to aid me.
At the NEC we were blown away by the positive response we had from everyone.We metlots of longstanding customers a well as chatting to possible new wholesalers & delis.
Trish & I got into some adventures- including meeting the most extraorinary character in a pub whilst we were eating supper-.he seemed hell bent on getting us both back to his penthouse apartment- then we were rescued from this oddball by 2 charming Canadian gentlemen who were exhibiting their wild blueberries at the show.
Since the show we’ve been very busy with catching up on e-mails, sorting out samples for the leads we gathered as well as a photo shoot on Friday for a magazine. I’m absolutely shattered today & have misspent my weekend watching repeats of Midummer Murders & snugglig with thecanines. Bliss. My head felt full to burting point with all the things happening in B’Ham- sensory overdrive.
it has been great to uber slob.
Wishing you a cracking weekend,
Em xx