Doggy Days

Hi & happy weekend!
We’ve had a little bit of a topsy turvy week last week-with lots of prices going up, namely ingredients & fuel we’re feeling the pinch busiess wise.
We’ve had to cut back on investment & batten down the hatches.We’re quietly confident that by becoming a little bit leaner we’ll be able to get through this patch of turbulence.Our friends in the food world are reporting similar experiences-there’s a general nervousness which reflets what is happening globally.
I’m so grateful to our Matt who keeps an eagle eye on all things financial.He never lets us become complacent & is always working hard each day to purchase suppplies wisely.He is c
On the sales side of hings we’ve had a weird mix of really strong weeks with the odd really quiet one- again it’s nothing out of the ordinary- but the slight unpredictability is keeping me well on my toes!
What we try to remember every day is how lucky we really are & to keep things in perspective- especially with all the awful natural disasters happening around the world. It is just work after all.
On non worky things – we’ve ben spending lots of quality time with the canines- taking them across the fields, going swimming at Lulworth Cove & indulging in extremely silly squeaky toys for Ollie- a Mallard & a Canada goose.We’ve had some funny looks as he struts his stuff with cuddly, sqeaky toy hanging limply from his ferocious looking jaws!
Better go now,
Have a lovely weekend,
Em x