Funny Foodies

Gosh where has this week gone!? Our feet don’t seem to have touched the ground.We’re full tilt on preparing for the launch of our brand new online mail order- it’s launching in September & we’re very excited.It’s a whole new world for us & several web 2.0 courses later,it feels like we’ve been to the university of web design.I’m sure we’ll make some clangers- the occassion when I fogot to pop ‘Honeybuns’ onto one of our cake board designs springs to mind-.But we’ll have fun along the way. It’s great to have a new project & a firm deadline to work too. Everything needs to be underway before we go on our annual pilgrimage to Glastonbury-.we need to factor in the ‘return to normality adjustment period’- the unpalatable truth is that as we get older the longer it takes us to recover -hence all serious work will need to get done now.
Charlotte -uber baker & I trotted up to London town yesterday for a food expo- very funny. I met the most charming husband of our old & only adversary in the food world (well our only known adversary)- a certain ‘Honey-.’ Bakery. No prizes for why she annoyed me so much- it’s all in the name. Any road, it’s not attractive to be bitter-.(but my goodness me- I’m so tempted to spread bile & vitriol).Instead, our energy is focused on all of our fabulous new projects.I do allow a cheeky chuckle to myself at how ‘Honey-.’ is also the name of a herbal cigarette brand- tee hee. Disingenuous & unkind acts have such a habit of biting you on the bum, n’est pas?
Speaking to the lovely Sue Fudge of Fudges Bakery on the way up to the show (the food world is sooo tiny!) we agreed that competition is vital for keeping you on your toes & giving you that essential hunger to improve.We might get annoyed from time to time when ideas (or names) are blatantly copied, but ultimately you have to accept it as a weird form of flattery, have a good vent to your pals about it & crack on.
Aside from this strange encounter, we saw lots of old pals from the food world & then went to the glorious John Lewis Food Hall on Oxford Street-I love it in there. Everything is beautifully displayed & the staff are really clued up- the training is superb at JLP- speaking from experience. I used to work in the china & glass dept. in Peter Jones in my student days!
It’s a hectic schmectic few day ahead of us now. Today we’re interviewing for a new baker & arranging meetings in London & up country. We’re then off to the superb Waitrose summer food festival at Leckford- highly recommended.My pal from school Emma B is coming down to stay tomorrow – can’t wait to see you Em- then we’re meeting a big boy cake company MD at some mutal friends on Monday-will be really interesting to see if we might be able to work together in some way.I’ll keep you posted!
Em x