Super Stars

What a lovely month May is! Lush, verdant countryside, our fat ponies looking very contented, the garden & meadows as attractive & ‘come hither’ as they’ll ever be-spot on!
I can see what Rachel Johnson, author & sis of Boris, sees in this glorious county of Dorset.
I loved Rachel’s ‘Notting Hell’ novel & was blown away when I opened the sequel- Shire Hell’ to read about -.little old Honeybuns!It was our award winning Almond Moon that featured- I think it was page 20.Crumbs- still can’t quite get over it (sorry for blowing our trumpet- not sth we’d usually do).
Thank you very much Rachel!!!
I’m madly buying up all copies for friends & family. It’s such a thrill to have had a mention in a proper book- extreeeeemely exciterous!
We’ve been out & about at various shows this weekend plus some gorgeous get togethers with old pals (always my favourite social scenario)It has been a healthy mixture of show work, meeting customers & so on plus tootling around the Dorset country side to visit all the Dorset Art Weeks venues- for more info do pls visit the Dorset Art Weeks website. So far we’ve resisted buying anything but I fear not for long-there is some gorgeous stuff to buy from ceramics to lush dush tapestries & bold modern pics of Jersey cows!
Yesterday we spent time meeting some new aquaintances- all thanks to our pal Jo- you are sooo generous in introducing peeps. Thank you to EM too for all your help at Leckford- sth lovely & decadent is on its way.
Workwise- hmmmmmm-.not sure what to report right now. We’re receving some fabulous help from an amazing company at the mo with a view to launching a brand new range-it’s well exciting. Can’t really say much more except tht we feel privildged to be working with one of the best foodie companies in the kingdom! We’e very flattered that they even knew who we were!
Animals wise- all VERY happy. Bee- our fatty- bum -bum pony had mild laminitis but is fully recovered & on a v. strict diet.
Ollie th GS pup is well-.a big bouncy GS pup- he wants to play constantly.
Better go now. Wishing everyone a deliciously sunny week.
Em xx