Glorious Glasto!

Thank you to everyone who visited our ’boutique’ little cafe at Glasto this year. Thanks also to the Honeybuns Team for all their hard work in running the Bee Shack Cafe on perfection! Thanks to: Rosie, Mal & Rak, Andrew, Nick & Ted (whose v. winsome photo will be featuring on www.honeybuns).It was so much for working with everyone-and dancing behind the counter after one too many sherberts-will we ver grow up?
We’ve made lot of new pals this year & met with lots of old Honeybuns faithfuls. The festival looked really beautiful bathed in sunshine this year- at last!- people could stretch out on the grass and soak up the rays & the atmosphere without being encased head to foot in nylon garments from the House of Millets!
Music wise- we were spoilt rotten between old time classics- Neil Diamond & Leonard Cohen to funky- Alabama 3 & naturally-the awesome Amy Winehouse.If you haven’t been before, it really is a wonderful world away from normal worries. Where else could you see a magnificent 6 foot plus tall transgender gentleman? belting out Rhianna’s ‘Umbrella’ in a replica New York City discotheque circa 1979..? Or see a ‘fairy’ resplendent in wing and very little else speeding along on an old Chopper push bike?
It is soooo lush to be home though.Clean cosy bed, ‘porcelain’ toilet, the absence of banging soundtracks 24/7.
Having said that, Matt & I are pootling off to Guldford Festival this weekend – it’s a lovley event- this year it’s Madness & Blondie for old skool sounds & a really interesting looking theatre tent.It’ll be a lot less full on than last week though & we need to then re settle into civilan life when we return for lots of travelling around for work and DIY projects.
This current week we are having Ollie (our delightful if wilful young GS) X rayed for suspected hip displaxia. We REALLY hope he’ll be OK but will need to take it on the chin if there are problems. He’s so young- just 7 months it is such a shame- but worse things happen at sea. We’ll need to read up on what to do to strengthen his little back legs.
I think that’s it for now- not much about food or cakes in this one. I think we’re just loving the summer to its full potential at the mo.
See you soon, wishing you lots of beautiful summer days to come.
Em xx