Shire Hell review

I hope everyone had a delicious weekend.Matt & I are in a litle bit of a self induced zombie like state his afternoon. There was a time when 2 festivals on consecutive weekends would have been ‘keine problem’. Not now- we’re shattered & creaking back into gear very slowly.I’m blaming some of this infirmity on the two very challenging runs across country that we managed to do on Saturday & Sunday. The runs are intended to offset the damage done by the real ale & cool box stylie G&Ts-Instead I think the exercise has simply accelerated our decline. If anyone nows St Martha’s Hill just outside Guildford town Centre you’ll know it’s quite gruelling. We highly recommend it though- the views are phenomenal & if you’re training for a running race the terrain is quite testing.
Guildford Festival is lovely. I always seem to spy really inspiring things there. Last year I saw a very pretty pastel coloured version of the Union Jack.Some one had it fluttering above their cute as a button Cath Kidston tent. We now feature such a flag on our cake packaging denoting that we proudly handmake our cakes in Dorset.
This year I saw some wonderful T Shirts emblazoned with the legend: ‘Sex Drugs & Sausage Rolls..’ I’m not sure I can incorporate this sentiment into the Honeybuns brand but it’ll definitely influence the theme of Matt’s 40th Birthday party next Spring!
Guilfest is a lot less crusty & Hippy than Glastonbury- there seem to be a lot more -‘one day festival Goers’ at Guildford- it’s great for people watching.We spied anything ranging from the long legged ‘posh yoof’ in Jack Wills gear to the Ravey Daveys in Ben Sherman down at the Dance Tent area. You also have lots of ‘easy listeners’ in folding chairs who have all of their camping accroutrements spread befoe them- stove, thermos & the Guardian plus supplements.We fitted into the latter category but without any of the gear.
At home-Poor Ollie Chops- it was not good news on the hip X rays- in fact awful news. At 7 months he already has arthritic damage & severe malformation of the hip sockets & ends of the femurs. I’m going to research what I can on the internet. The German Shepherd Rescue lady has suggested a lightweight buggy for him. If he can have a happy life we’ll do pretty much anything for him. I think the trick is to remain positive at all times & realistic. He is soooo happy & so much fun at the moment- we just need to closely monitor him & figure out the best options forward.I can visulaise running with him with him in a nice lightweight racing cart type thing. Thank you to everyone who has asked after him.
We’ll chart his progress on the new Honeybuns website- it’ll be going live in September.
We’ll also pop our wildlife news on there. Our bakery & old farm buildings are now surrounded by our now full on nature reserve. We’ve got resident badgers, a fox, loads of rabbits & lots of varied species of birds. The mean average of species spotted over the past summer months is 23.We’re delighted & the whole team have gotten behind this bird spotting project.The next BeeGreen project at Honeybuns is to build a poly tunnel. Each team member can have their own plot to grow veggies & we can propagate wildlife flowers/ grasses & shrubs to then plant out in the ~Spring next year.
All good fun.
Cakewise: we’re having fun re working our carrot cake- it was little bit too out there & experimental – sometimes you can’t get everything spot on first time round.This is going to be relaunchd shortly.
Mail order & our beautiful enamel tins are live in September. Our mission at the moment is to maximise the summer, have lots of fun & then get our heads down for the crazy work stint from September to Christmas.
Speak next week.
Mucios love,
Em xx