Animal Rescue Heros

Long time no blog.We’ve been working hard to follow our own advice- pack in as many happy times as possible this summer and maximise the good times.
Work has been quite frenetic so our evenings & weekends have been even more precious.Highlights include evening walks with the dogs down to Fiddleford Mill & seeing some amazing wildlife down there including a water vole & grass snakes sunbathing on the bankside.Ths weekend just gone was spent celebrating the lovely Char’s hen night.We camped outside Corfe, Dorset and the highlight for me was racing around like loons by moonlight on Swanage beach. We regressed to our 12 year old alter egos & became highly competetive about our handstand competitions.I’m covered in bruises after being slam dunked onto the sand by the ferocious Kelly- great fun.
We’ve aquired a beautiful new dog named Benjamin. Technically we are ‘fostering’ him on behalf of Somerset & Dorset Animal Rescue. I’m not too sure that he is going to be going anywhere in a hurry-..we all love him.
He’s a little collie cross who has been beaten by the owner & has a suspicious looking scar on his forehead- like a cigarette burn.Ollie loves him & the pack all seem very laid back and chilled with the new ‘visitor’ -stroke- permy new addition.
If anyone would like to help out with rehoming/ fostering please do contact Somerset & Dorset Animal Rescue on 01963 32279 and ask for Liz.
They help sooo many animals get back on their paws & into better situations.You can also help by donating old dog baskets, collars, cat & dog food & good bric a brac for fundraising car boot sales.
Honeybuns wise: we’ve been very busy with baking products for Sainsburys. This has involved a lot of overtime from our team & quite a lot of nail biting to see if we could step up the necessary gear to supply a big multiple. The proof of the pudding will be in the sales & we’re keeping everything crossed right now.
Better pop off now. Busy week ahead.
Love to everyone & wishing you loads of all this smashing sunshine.
Em xx