Sturminster Half Marathon

It’s soooo lovely here in Dorset at the moment. It feels like summer has at last decided to unfurl & treat us to golden sundrenched days & balmy, starry nights.
We managed to get our hay made from the front field on Thursday Night. Thanks Nick, without you it would have been a VERY long night loading the trailer in the dark.
I’m sure the economics of making a couple of hundred bales does not stack up (pardon the pun) at all, but it is very satisfying nonetheless. The smell of the drying hay came wafting in through our office windows-it really reminded me of being a kid and playing on a nearby farm in amongst the haybales.
In a weird way, despite it being hard work (the hay side of things) is was a welcome break from deskbound duties.It seems criminal sitting inside whilst the weather is so glorious.
Matt & I are keeping our fingers crossed that we do not sprain/pull/break any part of ourselves before the Sturminster Half Marathon next weekend.
We’re notoriously unlucky when it comes to last minute injuries- training has gone well. The dogs have all taken it in turns to accompany us on our runs. There is a little flight pond half way round our 7 mile route- Pegg is straight in there for a swim & cool down.
Worky wise- we’re still cracking on with getting all stock out to Sainsburys coffee shops. Team Honebuns have more than risen to the occassion & we all celebrated a job welldone yesterday by cooking a full on carvery in the Bee Shack- which we all ate together. For the meat eaters there was slow roasted pork, local beef & garlic studded chicken. For the veggies- an enormous cauliflower & brocoli cheese- using Denhay Cheddar. Plus every vegetable imaginable- a veritable feast.It’s ace eating together- we do this once a month religiously & this was an extra special thank you for everyone’s hard work. It was Honeybuns’ busiest week ever & without our professional & delightful team it could have been-a bit fraught!
As it was everything went off on time & we can all recharge our batteries this weekend for another bumper week next week. It will have to be all hands on deck methinks to help with packing & meeting our deadlines. It’s all good fun.
We’re off swimming with Olliepops in the lake tomorrow- really hope the sun will still have his hat firmly on../the lake water is a little challenging when there is any kind of wind blowing.
Wishing you a fabulous weekend,
Em xxx