Dorset Artists on board

Crumbs- what a short & zippy week we’ve had! Matt was off to Londoninum yesterday.He went to meet a new wholesaler who is supplying Honeybuns into Terminal 5- we’re all very excited about it.Sometimes it seems surreal that we are supplying such well known places- all from an old dairy farm in deepest Dorset!
Trish & I were left to hold the fort. We had a great day- as well as answering the phones, eating cakes & drinking endless vats of tea we also managed to give our beloved Bee Shack a good sort through.
We open the Bee Shack as a cafe once a month. All the proceeds are given to Charlotte & her BeeGreen kitty.Recent investments of BeeSack pennies have included- a nest box & camera- these are connected to a TV in the Bee Shack, more young trees plus loads of new butterfly/bird friendly plants.
The Bee Shack had a great mention in a recent Sunday magazine so I reckon we’ll be busier than usual on Sat 6th September.
To bakery- we are very very busy at the moment.My concern is that we are starting to fall back on orders which is tricky to manage.There are no quick fixes to this.As the baking is so skilled we cannot simply recruit & then slot people in as soon we get a rush on.It takes ages to train people up & find the right place for them-Gosh, I’m sounding quite defensive here!! It’s just quite a challege at the mo to increase production without stressing our very conscientious & industrious team. New kit, evening shifts & a regigging of collection times will all help.
On our new cakeboards we’re over the moon to be working with two fabulous Dorset artists- Jackie Spurrier & Ali Bundle. Their work will be appearing in 2 of our topselling cake packs soon.We’re on a mission to share all of our favourite Dorsety things. It gives our customers something beautiful to look at whilst nibbling their cakes & we can big up Dorset’s finest- everyone’s a winner baby!
We’re still on target for our pending mail order launch. The date is 24th September but this is reliant on the timely arrival of our enamel tins-eeek. We’ve just taken delivery of our brand new hessian Honeybuns bags which we’ll also be selling at shows & online.I can’t quite believe it’s happening.Historically we’ve just been a trade supplier. Namely: we bake the cakes & our trusty wholesalers do the rest.To be able to supply consumers direct is extremely exciterous -& just a bit nerve wracking.
The new website looks gorj. Designed by pals of ours in return for cakes, we are over the moon with it- it’s a radical departure from our old one.Fingers crossed all goes smoothly.
Thanks to everyone who has asked after Ollie. He is doing grand. His hip is healing & he has been swimming twice this week- at Bowleaze Cove & in our local swimming spot on Peaceful Lane.
I’m off camping again this weekend in Hampshire with girly friends so Matt will be looking after the animals.
On this camping trip the Bongo is going to be bedecked with fairy lights, blankets & lamps.Can’t wait.I must remember to take my camera!
Wishing you all a glorious weekend- it might even be sunny-
Em xxxx