Team Honeybuns


THankyou,Thankyou,Thankyou to everyone who nominated us for this year’s most Inspirational Dorset Food Business. We were over the moon to win this award- we were joint winners with Goldy’s Farm shop, so we were in very exalted company! I realise it’s not cool to be outwardly pleased about such things but we are truly flipping delighterised. It is all down to Team Honeybuns & we got very emotional this morning as we showed everyone the beautiful plate we won.It’ll have pride of place in the Bee shack ready for this Saturday.
Our team have been soooo supportive of everything we’re trying to achieve here at Honeybuns- creating beautiful products in a ‘softer’, more holistic way. Whilst recruiting we actively seek kindness, empathy & sensitivity from applicants-this ‘shopping list’ then morphs into the gorgeous, caring team we have today.Sorry to gush- it’s just the way it is. We love food but I truly think it’s all about the people.It’s not always perfect & we do have hiccups & the odd less eddifying kerfuffle. I guess that’s the thing with any group pf people- when it’s bad it’s awful & when it’s good it’s fantabulouso.
Righteyo- onto this week’s work- we’ve completely reorganised the Bee Shack & set out a dedicated storage & filing area for all our show stuff.The show season for us runs from May- November with September- October being particularly busy for us. This weekend we’re off to the River Cottage Food Festival as well as the Dorchester Show.We’ve got mixed feelings about the Dorch. Show- the food hall has been very disappointing & we vowed not to go again after they positioned us in the baby changing area! Waitrose this year have kindly invited a number of food producers, ourselves included,to sell & sample products at Dorch. so we’re giving it another whirl. The shows/foodie events we rate v. highly are- Sturminster Cheese Festival 13th- 14th September & The Dorset Food Weeks Events running from Sat 25th October- 2nd November.We’re not at least a lot more ‘up & together’ for our shows- it used to be a bit of a jumble sale approach- rummaging around in the Honeybuns prop box for tablecloths etc.This last week we’ve been getting everything embroidered with our logos on & having some (long overdue) signs made up.Not having a vast marketing budget has rather encouraged us to be inventive with improvised signs etc. We’ve done all sorts- made our own bunting embroidered with H’Buns, writing in squirly font our prices onto white paper carrier bags etc. Something that works very well at each show is our iconic fluffy pink parasol. We use them inside & outside the Bee Shack & people come over all smiley & giggly once they’re sitting underneath them-
Best get going now. I’m working on shows this weekend whilst Matt cracks on with yet more Ye Olde Cottage restoration- we’re really getting there now. More house than barn which is a relief as it starts to turn chilly.
We still get snails coming into hibernate though!
Wishing everyone a lovely relaxing weekend,
Em xx