Honeybuns Export

Honeybuns are on tour in Gay Paris. We’re at SIAL- we’ve currently had interest from Norway, Denmark & Holland- which we’re chuffed about- they love our packaing. The nice thing too has been receiving lovely compliments on the cakes themselves..from the v. discerning French buyers.
It’s all such a learning curve for us & it also gives us valuable time to catch up and chat about the business without the distractions of day to day logistics etc.Matt & I need to figure out where we’re headed next really- business wise.As well as our gluten free cakes we’re also hatching plans to launch a little non food Honeybuns range in the New Year-..should get our competitors twitching.Love it!! Cakes are cool but there are lots of other lovely things we can do with the Honeybuns brand.
One of our Irish wholesalers came to our stand today & told us about their donkeys- great minds think alike. We’re equally as besotted with our donks & it was quite a surreal conversation to be having in the midst of a hectic trade show-
We’re looking forward to visiting the Moulin Rouge before coming home.Must make the most of everything- including moules mariniere & the fabulous vin rouge.
That’s it for now.
Love to everyone,
Em xxxx