Gluten free

It’s been so lovely being back in Blighty. Paris was great. We A
ate our own body weight in molluscs in white wine sauce avec Pommes Frites. Even managed to catch a full on Reggae gig near to the Gare du Nord on our last night..but it’s still sooo lush to be home.Our gorgeous dogs went bananas when we got back, lots of slobbery canine kisses were liberally applied.Arriving back on Sat. we then had our Dorset Food Week open evening on the Sat night.Annually we open the Bee Shack doors to guests & we hold a BIG Quiz with lots of nibbles , drinks & blind folded ‘ingredients feeling’. This involves blindfolded participants delving their paws into bowls of bakery ingredients-some stickier than others-
This week has been helter skelterery busy following up on all the leads from the Sial trade show-fingers crossed we get some good business from it.We need to grow a bit more this coming year so we can get started on H’Buns bakery mark 2.We’re bursting at the seams where we are & we’re keen to be able to expand our range of amaretti stylie cookies-it all takes a surprising amount of space-on the other hand times are so uncertain , we’re taking things very cautiously too. We need to expand but only if we can do it relatively safely.
Tomorow we have our team Halloween Party-Charlotte was making spooky food todayinc ‘witches fingers’-chipolatas with finger nails & stategic splodges of ketchup.
Happy Halloween to all,
Have a beatiful weekend,
Em xx