Goooey Cakes

Hi there!
Gosh, what a beaaautiful weekend of catching up on all the things that make me feel nice.Saturday was a good mix of sorting out the big barn & getting all the animal bedroom arrangments sorted for the winter.This involved moving feedbins, mending fencing, cleaning water troughs etc.In the afternoon, Matt, our neighbour Aud & I trekked off to Bath for a spot of retail therapy-it was lush despite the non stop rain.Matt looks the proppa rockstar now- all skinny jeans & pointy wizard boots.He’ll be blinged up & ready for his gig- 29th Nov in the Halsey Arms, Pulham.Do come along. Anyone up for a laugh & a boogey is more than welcome.
I’m planning the next Joaneycams so you call all actually see the donks- they’re honestly not imaginary! Our pal Conrad is coming round soon to do some more post & rail fencing to create a little side paddock. We can then pop a camera on that & also inside the Big Barn.Pls do kep an eye on our website- there’ll be new ‘spot the donk.’ weekly competitions coming soon-.we promise endless fun! Instant messaging & audiocasts coming soon too.
Gooey cake news- we’re delighted to have been listed with a chain of Hong Kong retailers- thanks to our secret agent AJ for this!! The French trade show follow ups are still in full swing. We’re on target for singing up with 3 intl w’salers.This is that we set out to achieve-it’s given us the confidence to bookup for another 2 intl. shows in 2009.We need to get quite a bit more organised in order to fit everything in. The 2009 diary is already looking chocca-blocca.
We’re very excited about our NPD too. We’re working on Gluten free cookies- a little bit of Italy- Dorset style. I am a little bit naughty on this blog- deliberately winding up our painfully competetive fellow cakebakers. I do fess up that the kiddies range was complete boloney. Such fun to drop in a few teasers though.
But the non cakey products & ; cookies -I think they might just catch on.. We’ve stayed away from NPD fo a while so we’re looking forward to getting back to the devpt kitchen.
Wishing everyone a Fantabulouso week,(thanks for typo spotting Jack Frost!!)
Em xxx