Gluten Free Cakes

I’ve let the blogging slide a wee bit recently.Life at Honeybuns has been hectic-schmetik.We’re a bit bemused as to why we should be so busy- we’re defo not getting cocky and relaxed about it though. Methinks the sales slumpoids for us are just around the corner. We can’t pretend we haven’t had a good year though & this is chiefly down to having such a full on wonderful team. We’ve been through a lot recently & getting all philosophical -we’ve been through a mental amount since we moved to Dorsety 6 years ago.
Team Honeybuns have been a true delight to be with.We intended this year to delegate a lot more & leave the business to be run by the uber competent Charlottey. My goodness- she’s done a good job.So have the team.We recently had a big food safety audit with-no recommendations to improve. This is a food techy way of saying- Charlotte & the team are ubberly conscientious & more than competent.
We’ve all learnt a lot together- the beginning of this year was shaky at best but we didn’t panic.Instead we focused keenly on our target audience. This has been worthwhile. We’re much more confident about what we’d like to achieve & less bothered about what anyone else in the trade is doing. We’re proud to be a little bit off beat, a little less obsessed with the dirty £££ lucre.Sure- we need to turn a profit but we adore what we do & realise that it possibly won’t get better than this ie working with peeps you adore & having a bit of a giggle & a party.
We do need to buckle down next year & get cracking on some of our non food branded ideas- we’re quite excited about them but can’t say too much right now. Friends- pls ask us & we’ll tell you gladly!!!
We’ve got new products to launch at Caffe Culture- hopefully we’ll be able to put the record straight about the origination of the Honeybuns brand as opposed to that other Honey-company thingey megig- it’ll be fun & I’m looking forward to that-.all to come in May 2009.
Wishing everyone a faaaaabulous weekend,
Em xxxx