Honeybuns New Cookies

Molly on her first day at Naish Farm

Hallo and wishing you a very Happy New Year from us all at Honeybuns.

I really hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Matt and I were going to hop off somewhere sunny but decided at the last minute to stay home & be cosy. A big factor was that Molly the Mare joined our eclectic herd this December.

She is still quite nervous but no where near as jumpy as when she first arrived. We’re not at all sure about her history-..juding by her nerves it has not all been happy. Over Christmas we have gottten her used to gentle rides out into the countryside and she is settling in much better now. In the pic you can just see cheeky little Joaney getting in on the action..(to the left ). Joaney Cam will be upgraded with more cameras in real time this Spring-.should be very entertaining. Joaney is an utter cutey pie in her little green winter jacket. We need to improve on the current 15 second time delay-it makes Joaney look lots more doddery than she really is. She is really very sturdy.

Bakerywise we’ve got lots of plans in the pipeline for this coming year. The current project is our new range of cookies. We’re working on 3 flavours to launch in the Spring. All 3 will be gluten free & we’ll be leaving the sugar pot alone & using alternative natural sweeteners-.we’ll keep you updated.

We’re also finally started properly on our recipe book. The lovely Rosemary Moon is writing it, our agent Linda is hopefully securing us a deal & Sara & Emma P are creating beaaautiful pics & page layouts. We’re really excited about this.  We like the title, ‘Honeybuns- the tale of a bumbling bakery’-any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Nothing is fixed in stone yet. We’d like to share recipes & also all the cringemaking busines clangers we’ve dropped over the last 10 years.

In our little office we’ve been delighted to welcome Victoria on board. She is proving to be awesome at customer care & procuring new business for us. Victora or VB used to work in our bakery in her hols before going up to Oxford. She will be with us for a year before being called up into the Navy. She is utterly ubberly loverly-a true Honeybunner. Soon VB will be posting messages on here & on Faceook so you’ll get to know her well. Better pop off now.

Take care & wishing you a non Januaryish week.

Em xxxx