Cookie Monsters


I hope everyone is well & blooming despite all the very BbbbbRrrrr weather.We’ve been finalising our cookie range. Launch pad date is set for around the middle of March. Matt is working away at sourcing all the ingredients we need in bulk & Char & I are still agonising over the texture of the Triple Chocolate Tinker. Should we go for soft & chewy or more of a buttery shortbread-.decisions-this opens up the whole cookie versus biscuit debate.It has been a lot of fun eating everyone else’s cookies & this has had a knock on effect- giving me a massive sugar rush which then powers me on my Grizzly training runs! Every cloud has a silver lining.

Molly our lovely (if feisty mare) is settling in more & more & is now going very well in the indoor school down the road.As we speak she has just returned home again. We basically have been reeducating her- much easier to do in the relatively safe confines of the indoor school. She will still need to return for top up lessons but we’re basically very pleased with her.

Scrumpy Jack aka Mr Scrumps is our most recent addition to the jolly Honeybuns herd.

Scrumpy is the gorgeous looking grey with Sergeant Troy on board aka Ben from the Gryphon School. This Tuesday the school were filming scenes from ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ at our friend Clary’s farm.Clary asked if Scrumpy would like to take part – work was put aside for the day & we had a lovely if a bit of a surreal time hanging out in the Dorset countryside with lots of Scarlet clad soldiers-it put the oooohmmm- pa- pah into February.

Ben did a brilliant job & Mr Scrumps was a true gent.

Better go now.I need to mega catch up with Honeybuns stuff.

Em xx