Corporate Social stuff


Hope everyone is feeling the beauty of’s so close now! The birds here at Naish Farm are going absolutely bananas. We pop all the reject almonds & pecans out for them in lots of funkily shaped feeders.Nest box cam will be going live shortly & the goss is that we’ve got Mr & Mrs House sparrow honeymooning in the cam box-..cutesome.It’s quite difficult for us to actually settle down & get any sensible cake work done, as you can imagine. The birds are delirious, our horses & donkeys are all loved up & everything is starting to look well-. lush-it’s like the spell of the Ice Queen has been lifted. Narnia stylie.

We’re still agonising over the cookies. Shortbread buttery or-chewy..? Hmmmm a toughie-

The one thing we’re sure of is that our packaging is utterly gorgeous & unique. We’ve been highly amused at the efforts of a certain bakery, considerably larger than us, blatantly aping our design work. We’ve contacted ACID- Against copying in Design to register a complaint- which will probably be futile, but we’re certainly warning everyone in the industry of what’s happened. The good thing is their product is grim-.I think we need to smile graciously the next time Parry comes to take pics of our stand & then compliment him on his ‘creative genius & originality’ -.tee hee-

On to nice things again.

pls see pics of Matt & I looking rustic at our latest show plus more gratuitously cute animal pics,

Love to everyone nice,cuddly & genuine xxxxx