Luscious Lips of Dorset

Hallo there, Matt and Victoria cooked up this blog title between them-..We’ve just been trying the latest lipbalm samples in our very own Honeybuns Snowy Hills flavour.The lip feel (or texture to you and me) is lush- quite creamy but without being greasy.We just need a little bit more lemon & it’s then a matter of finding a teensy tiny little tin to pop the balm into. It’ll look like a miniature version of our rectangular mail order tin- but even cuter.So,   we’ve been slathering on the lip balm versions & pouting away in the  office-is that why the delivery drivers can’t get away fast  enough???-Hmmmmm-methinks it might be.     We’re hoping to have our first batch of lipbalms ready for Badminton Horse Trials on Thursday 7th May- 10th May. We have a little stand in the Food Marquee- so we will  be selling our cakes and also offering the lipbalms for sale alongside. We’re really eager to get some feedback on them.   Other news- well everything is so Springy here at Naish Farm. The birds are twittering, the horses are blissed out and enjoying the new grass and we’re  planning on getting the deckchairs dusted off ready for some breaktime Rest & Relaxation. We’ll be popping our next Bee Newsletter out next week. To subscribe  please go to we try to fit in one page of   foodie news and the other page is a glorious mishmash of ‘everything elsewe do besides cake’. Things we do besides cake include the aforementioned Lipbalms, hedge  laying is another. We’re also  joining up with Marie Curie as part of their   national and regional ‘Blooming Great Tea Party’ campaign. if you’re  holding a Blooming Great Tea Party as part of this campaign- we’d love to  hear from you. We might even be able to supply you with some cakes.  It’s a brilliant cause. To find out more pop onto This Saturday we’re having a Bee Shack Saturday. Please do visit if you like tea and cake.It’s just the job. We’ll also have some of our limited edition Honeybuns tins for sales and we’ll also be handing out info on the marie curie campaign-plus -we’ll have daffodils EVERYWHERE!   Please enjoy the assorted pics from Honeybunshire Love Em xxxxx

Snowy Hills looking scrumptious

Please see random pics from Honeybunsshire Love Em xx