The Honeybuns Cookie Jar


I’m sorry about the blogule lapse. We’ve been busier bees than usual lately. We’ve been having a lot of fun working on our Honeybuns packaging-

It is taking a little longer than anticipated-. because we keep on having new and irrestible ideas. Two of our bakery team are also trained and experienced graphic designers-illustrators – so the cookie brainstorming sessions have been brilliantly creative. We are so very nearly there.

With the products themselves – we are now finally over the moon with all the three flavours. The apple cookie was incredibly tricky to peg out but we had our final tasting seshy today – accompanied by diggerbucketfuls of tea. Our pals Chris & Em Beswick were tasters of honour & critiqued our offerings. Chris felt that the Tinker needed a thick coating of dark choc rather than the drizzle ziggy zaggy pattern we had plumped for. Naturally we deferred to Chris – he is not to be hoodwinked on anything biccie/cookie related. The resulting chocolate enrobed Tinker is magnifiquey!

We’ve also been working on the lipbalm branding and we will defo have some to giveaway in May – thanks to the hard work of Filberts Bees at nearby Muckleford. If you’re going to Badminton Horse Trials this May then do print this blogule off for a free lip balm or free slice of cake (while stocks last – we do tend to run out before the end of a show!).

If you pop onto you can currently buy our MINIs & tins. For the rest of the range you can go to the most luscious Soon we’ll have the cookies and other Honeybuns faves up on the – please do keep a lookie out. We’re far tinier than many people think – currently there are just 18 of us – and just 9 full timers. This includes bakery, packing, officey & design!!

This is why sometimes we do things in little bursts-. just like this blogule. We all wear many different hats and our business truly is a labour of love.

We welcome everyone to our next Bee Shack day which is on Saturday, 2nd May. Please see for more info. We’ll be popping a voucher for a free cake into the Blackmore Vale on Friday, 1st May.

Wishing you all a marvellous week. I’ll endeavour to blog again in a week or so.

Please see pics below of the fun we’ve been having at Honeybuns. From pony patting to cookie photo shoots!

Muchios love, Em xxxxx

Doddery and Banjo

Rak and Scrumps