On Bakery Safari


Oooohps! I popped the wrong pics onto the last blog.I’m not sure I could be any more flakey sometimes.once I discovered I’d popped Matt & I on there in full fancy dress instead of the cookie photos- it was too late.We’ve had a good chuckle over it and let it ride.

I will now pop proper cookie shots on for you to drool over- rather than Matt & I in highly dodgy 1970?s gear & lashings of fake tan.

Last week was challenging- we had two visits to the bakery on Wednesday & Thursday evenings. The Slow Food Group were lovely & asked lots of questions as we toured our bijou bakery. We talked through how we make our Amondi cookies- all currently by hand & the purchase of a new piece of kit which will help us to portion dough & help  avoid any of the dreaded RSI.

On Friday we had a dry run of our Bakery Safaris- joined by the wonderful food writer Rosemary Moon and Sara our designer & photographer for a journey into the heartland of Dorsetshire. We visited our free range egg farmer, Washingpool Farm Shop & Filberts Bees Our Bakery Safaris are free to our trade customers. We invite customers to spend the day with us- sampling cakes, visiting suppliers and to wonder at the beauty of the Dorset countryside.

Anyone is free to enter our Safari competition which runs all year. You could win a night’s luxury  B&B plus a day’s Safari. For more Safari info please check out our  competition.

That’s it for now- it’s raining hard this morning.Just been to pop the rugs on 2 very wet looking equines.

I now need to sample one of our just about to be launched Honey,almond & salted pistachio cookies-.seriously yummy.This will also mean that I’ll need to haul myself out for a soggy runlater in the day-oh well -good old quid pro quo!

Muchios love,

Em xxxxxx

Gorgeous with a cup of tea

The New Honeybuns Cookie Family

“Because I’m worth it” Honey April 09