Caffe Culture Countdown


Thank you to everybody who came to see us at Badders Horse Trials.

Matt & I met a lot of hardcore Honeybuns fans and had nice chats and chuckles with them.Sadly I didn’t see a single horse over the 4 days! We were a little bit too busy to leave the stand.

We did manage to get out running & Oh my Goodness- how beautiful does Gloucestershire look in May time? We saw Munjack deer plus lots of birdlife. The Oak trees and wildlife spinneys we ran past were absolutely beautiful. We ran for an hour each time, all on soft, springy turf with out seeing a soul-this was great decompression time in between manning the stand.

Charlotte was holding the Honeybuns Fort whilst we were away.We are now prepping for a big trade Show called Caffe Culture held at Olympia.We’re looking forward to catching up with the Fudges, Popina & Sugar & Spice at the Show and to launching officially our new coookie range.Eeeeek! We still need the final cookie packaging- but a la Grand designs TV- I’m sure it’ll all turn out in the end.You know when Kevin McCloud creates melodramatic tension over the build project- and then, ‘Phew!’ it’s all OK in the end.

Pls check out our competition┬áif you’d like to win a faaabulous Bakery Safari too- we’ll treat you to a wonderful day out in the Dorsety country side.

Speak soon,

Em x