Bee Shack Summers


Hope everyone is having a chilled weekend.I was planning to do all sorts of odd jobs but I’m still in my jim jams-not sure what happened other than a few too many slices of toast, marmalade & buckets of tea-.Ooooohps!

It’s Bee Shack day today- we’re open for drinks & buns all presented in the wonderously quirky revitalised Chicken Hut that is the Bee Shack.We’ve renovated the place on a shoe string & people seem to love its whole shabby Chic ambience.

It’s not quite sunny enough to be outside but it’s not raining-always a bonus.

I’m off to the hardware store now to collect some oversized barrel planters. We’re growing wisteria, honeysuckle & roses all over the Bee Shack-we’ve already planted lots of Buddleia and the butterflies are having a field day.

Next week we’re hopng to be able to focus on getting our new cookie range out there to customers. We need to get ome sensible work like this done befoe the utter madness that is the Glastonbury.

If you are going to Glasto this year why not print this blog off & bring it to our Honeybuns Cafe- opposite the Jazz Lounge & we’ll give you some free cake- or a lip balm as long as stocks last.

Better go ,

Em x

Glasto 2005