Honeybuns Win Green Trader Award


Thanks very much indeed to all our friends who helped us at Glastonbury this year. Thanks too to The Honeybuns ‘A’ team who kept the bakery running whilst we were away.

Glasto was as eyepoppingly inspiring as ever.Lots of awesome sights including beautifully bedecked old horsebox lorries- complete with lanterns & potbellied stoves.

We watched as an oakframed, medieval looking meeting house was constructed by guys with hammers.It looked amazing & took them just a day- I wonder whether they’d be up for making our pergola for the Bee Shack Cafe-

We were really chuffed to have been awarded the Silver Green Trader Award too.There is a Bronze, Silver & Gold Award each year- we’ll pop details onto our website shortly.

This coming Saturday is Bee Shack Day. I’ll be around if anyone wants to say hello- just pop your head round into the office next to the Cafe.Following Glasto there is a Mahussive backlog of regular office work to get through. July is going to be catch up month before we head off again to the Edinburgh Festival.

Hope to see you Sats,

Em x

Honeybuns Boys Front

Honeybuns Boys (Back)