Honeybuns Gluten free Foods


We’re just about recovered from the midsummer madness that is Glastonbury-.or Glastonberry if you ar Lady Ga Ga or the Black Eyed Peas-

We’ve unloaded the truck, camper van & trusty old trailer & pressure washed the infamous Glasto mud down the farm yard drain.It was a little weird getting back to reality but last week involved a lot of travelling for me so there was little time to indulge in ‘Post Holiday Blues’

Last Wednesday I travelled up to Bradford & stayed over night in a gorgeous little West Yorkshire village on the moors.Whilst eating my toast on Thursday Morning our gorgeous grey gelding, Scrumpy, appeared on the telly! Kate Silverton was introducing a feature on the Gryphon School’s production of ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’- toast crumbs went flying in all directions. Our big beautiful boy is on all the promo posters & I’m overreacting to his performance in true pushy ‘Am- Dram’ mummy fashion. Naturally, in my view, it was Scrumps who lit up the screen with his brand of Scrumpy Jack charisma.

pls see pic from the shoot.

For details of the film has some lovely pics too.

Apart from Scrumpy’s star turn – Alice Ralph is beautifully cast as Bathsheba Everdene & I personally thought Luke as Bolderwood was knock out good.The soundtrack is awesome too & it far surpassed what anyone thought possible.No one is over the age of 18 in the film & it was done on a truly shoestring budget.

Back to food- we have now got to focus on the reworking of our savoury offer- we’re tweaking our ‘BumbleO’ line in readiness for a presentation for a major client in August. It’s a bit high pressure but ultimatley very exciting. I need to get the old oven gloves back on for this challenging bit of New Product Development.

I’m also trying to limit myself to just one Triple Chocolate Tinker cookie each week.Currently I last a couple of days before I’m called back to the cookie jar- it’s great for my running regime though.If I have a Tinker the deal is I haul muself out for a run- no quibbling. This is handy as the Dorset Doddlers half marathon is in 4 weeks eeeek. pls see

it’s a lovely race & you get a Honeybuns cake at the end of it- it might even be a Tinker-

Em x