Honeybuns Feature Film


Well not quite a feature film, but we are going to start popping podcasty things on the website. I’m doing one tomorrow- just a shaky Blair Witch stylie handheld effort .Subject matter for the filming will be the uber talented Charlotte preparing our team luncheon.

We eat together three times week plus we have an extra special team get together each month.The food is delicious & local, local, local. We have salads with home made oil & herb dressings- herbs taken from the Bee Shack garden (teensy tiny-but tres productive).Plus home made herby potato wedges, locally made sausages & Char’s outrageously good quiches.My fave uiche is sweet potato, sage & Capicorn goats cheese.

We thought the preparation of a luncheon, complete with us lot flitting in and out might just be a bit interesting-..depends on what we’re chattering about at the time.It can get quite fruity so we’ll need to do some judicious editing-or not-.So it could be amusing or dull as ditch water.Please let us know what you think.

I’ve been eating a lot of our Tinker cookies of late & hence doing more runs too. Check out pics of Benner literally straining at the leash out on our ‘Lose the Tinker runs’. Being a young collie cross he just goes bonkers in anticipation of a run.He loves his Barbie pink leadrope & funky ‘Muddy Dogs’ designer collar. Our mate Beverley makes them in her Somerset studio.

Also- VB’s desk is also topical.We’ve been enchanted by VB’s pics of Peneope the Pink phone & VB’s artfully positioned posy of roses.We do work as well but somehow we do seem to get distracted by all the charming eccentricities that makeNaish Farm so special.

Do come & visit on the next bee Shack day,

Em xx

VB’s Honeybuns desk