Team BBQ & other Delights


We’re sad to be saying goodbye to Bex today. She has achieved such a lot in her fortnight- popping fresh & lovely pics up on our website , Twittering & blogging away as well as helping on the Samaritans awareness day.Then there were the boring bits for her to do-namely, dreaded data input-a bit dull but really helpful to us.

Bex hails from sunny Sussex so VB & I will be visiting her soon- we’re going to Brighton again drummimng up business & will be meeting up with Bex for a well earnt supper at the end of our pavement pounding!

Today there is a teensy bit of a rush on. I need to finalise the cookie packaging-this will be my very next task & then it’s the Team BBQ!!!

Aforementioned BBQ is likely to get intensely comepetetive.Prizes and medals including a wonky podium await the triumphant victors-

I might just snuggle up on a haybale with Honey & watch from a safe distance.

I do hope we get at least some sunshine this weekend. It’s Bee Shack Saturday tomorrow- hope you can pop in. The kettle is always on-.there’ll be plenty of Tinkers on sale too. These cheeky,choclatey little numbers are flying out at the moment but we baked an extra big batch for Sat.

Sunday we’ll be burning off our indulgent treats by running the Honeybuns Sturminster Half Marathon.Eeeeek. Pics NOT to follow of yours truly looking-exhauseted.

Take Care,

Em xx