Durdle Door Swim Off


Crumbs -what lovely late summer sunshine we’ve lucked out on recently! We headed for Durdle Door with our swimming mad German Shepherd last Wednesday. Durdle Door was the venue, Matt & Ollie were the contestants & retrieving an empty plastic bottle from the sea was the game. Ollie won paws down.Sadly I forgot the camera.We need to do a re- run & post some pics.Seeing Matt swimming doggy paddle back to shore with the bottle in his mouth was a sight to behold. Not sure what the uber chic sunathers near by made of it all-

It was just so lush to escape for the beach after work. We highly recommend the Weld Arms near Lulworth Castle for being a great doggy friendly Dorset pub.Ollie was given some water as we warmed ourselves back up in the garden out the back of this old, thachted hostelry.

Honeybuns business wise- we’ll be very busy his week on more product development. In many ways gluten free is a bit old hat now.We’re looking very hard at the sugars we’re using & weighing up the options of converting to wholly none refined ones-.We’re also delighted with the newly tweaked savoury line- we’re presenting it to a big client this coming Friday in well as a brand new dairy free, gluten free & refined sugar free seasonal berry cake. Sometimes it feels like the development never stops & it can be a bit exhausting but once we get a product as we would like it there’s such a buzz.

We’re also preparing for a visit from some very important customers this oming Wednesday.The farm & bakery look lovely- especially in this photogenic late summer sunshine so I hope the weather holds til Wednesday.We’ll be busy mowing lawns, trimming hedges & preparing lots of cake asters for these VIPs.

Thre of us from Honeybuns will also be joining the Dorset Doddlers for a Tuesday night Club run. Looking forward to the excuse to take a Triple Chocolate Tinker with me as running fuel. The Doddlers are tres speedy!

Wishing everyone a supa dupa week.

Em x