Honey’s new family

Midwife Matt on Friday night


Wowzers- we’ve had a bit of a turbo charged week packed with some  high drama moments.

On Wednesday we were hosting our Grande Fromage visitors- the lovely Sue & Sarah. All was going well- we took them to meet some of our fellow Dorset foodies and suppliers. We tasted fine cheeses, had a go at roasting some coffee beans and then sat around in the Bee Shack eating cake and talking shop.

So far so good. Sue had mentioned having a little insect bite on her leg–this would come back to bite us later.

That evening we went for a lovely meal at the  Three Elms at Alweston (we’d highly recommend).Truly scrumptious were the Cornish Sardine starters served with homemade chunky salsa.

We got back to find that Scrumpy- our lovely, gentle big old grey horse had become frightened and trapped himself by attempting to jump over a very high stable partition in the big barn-..he is well recovered now but it was quite scary & messy on the night.

Then on Thursday Sue’s insect bite meant a trip to A&E- happily this all got sorted out.Again it was quite scary at the time- antibiotics were friont of mind.

Friday was a big D Day for our savoury presentation in London- all went well & Charlotte & I were ‘busy’ relaxing on the train home with an array of trashy magazines when the phone went-..’Honey is having her puppies a little bit ahead of time’.The phone then cut out (on the train going through a long tunnel stylie).

It was a little bit harrowing- the final 2 were born on Sunday morning & we sadly lost 3 along the way. We are now delighted to be helping Honey with 10 beautiful,bouncing puppies. The tricky bit is to tear ourselves away to get some work done.

Thank you to everyone who helped us- Jo E, George, Em & Chris, VB, Char, GG-.the list goes on. It was so kind of everyone to help with the moving of pups from compost heap to the proper whelping box.Not easy with a very protective, concerned mum & just so many little ones wriggling around.

Focus will swing back to foodie things once we’re recovered from a bit of a turbulent